July 13, 2015

Last days of summer

ok someday I may catch up on this blog
but then again maybe not

summer obviously happened too fast
it came and went before we knew what was happening
here is a bit of the random in between moments

my dedicated piano player
who faithful practiced and took lessons all summer
 What would summer be without my favorite flowers?

we had a crazy summer storm
it was beautiful and bright then the wind picked up and suddenly
what's more fun than jumping on the tramp in the rain?

Anderson Lake backpacking trip

Awesome family backpacking trip to Anderson Lakes.

December 5, 2014

the birthday party

This was Grace's first birthday party with friends
so excited!
both of us
she wanted to paint and make projects with her friends
so the few days before we made a watercolor banner
so fun
again for both of us!

she invited 4 friends from church
we got them a watercolor set and a pad of paper
then let them create
they all loved it!

 Presents!! look at the Pink!

A little outside play time


Rainbow cake with Chocolate frosting!
so good!!

So I have to say
I think this party turned out fabulously!
The girls all got along it was simple and quick
no chaos (compared to the boys nerd wars!)
Love it!

the hike

still catching up...
the family is back together and it was time for a hike!
there we hundreds of wild blueberries
so good!
It was a beautiful summer day
fog and all!

this is where the girls stopped
the boys headed to the top