January 28, 2011


I am sure this never happens to any of you. But in my life this is seeming like a regular basis. I sit down to practice the piano (side note, I've been trying to practice the piano for 30 minutes a day for the last few years) OK back to post. So I am playing along. Notice "Its really dark", ah the light is burned out. So I go to retrieve a new light bulb. They are located in the laundry room. Once in the laundry room notice the dryer has gone off, load dry clothes into basket, move wet clothes to dryer take basket upstairs in hopes of folding clean clothes and getting more dirty clothes to wash. Get upstairs. Step on Lego, OK Its seriously hurt, look around can't blame boys because Elizabeth got these out. So down goes the basket, pick up Lego's. Put them in boys room. Notice hairbrush wonder how did that get there? Hear Elizabeth crying go attend to her need. Thinking she is hungry. Put her in her highchair begin fixing lunch meat, cheese, raisins assembled on a plate. Give them to the little princess. Get her sippy cup out of the running dishwasher and milk from fridge. Door bell. Package delivered. Hear Elizabeth crying again. See all her food thrown on the ground. Assume she is tired not hungry. Take her to her bed.  Back upstairs. Put her to bed. Need to use the bathroom. Notice the boys bathroom is disgusting and clean it. Wash hands! Come down for lunch. See milk sitting out on the counter. Its warm, yuck! Out goes the milk. I do eat lunch. Yeah! Then sit there thinking I was doing something. Can't come up with it for anything. Hours later. Mom I can't see in here. Oh yeah the light bulb. Fetch light bulb. Notice the dryer never got turned on, or stuff put into washer. Stay focused on the light bulb. And learn it wasn't the light bulb at all someone had unplugged the lamp from the wall. OK to recap. Laundry not done, dishwasher never finished its cycle, my piano (yeah you can see that 30 minutes a day thing not really working out) laundry not folded. But Hey I got the bathroom cleaned! Just a typical day!


Amy Coons said...


P.S. I know you are a true mom because people can not just come up with this stuff unless they live it. Thanks for sharing. I got a good laugh (because I understand!!)

Tara said...

I am glad I am not the only one with days like that. Your problem is you are looking for completion. I would give you a gold star for starting, and not losing your sanity or giving up along the way!

Becky Jensen said...

Been there, done that!

Diane said...

SPOT ON! I hate changing light bulbs, we need to have a bunch changed at out house.

KellyAnne said...

It isn't just ME?!?!?
I laughed so hard reading this. Thanks for making me feel normal!!!
If I can say I accomplished one measly thing in a day, I feel like superwoman. :) Hey, we have good intentions, right?